Abandoned child highlights need for people to adopt in the Mid-South

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — It was just another Monday for Rico Smith as he made his rounds to Goodwill locations across Mississippi until he saw dozens of police officers at the Goodwill donation center on Stateline Road.

“Some of the officers had tears in their eyes, I had tears in my eyes. It was kind of painful,” said Smith. 

Smith told FOX13 he was also moved to tears when he found out a two-year-old boy had been abandoned. He was there as police tried to question the toddler.

“He had on some nice clothes, but not enough clothes for that weather. And that hurt too,” said Smith. 

Smith also snapped several pictures of the toddler being comforted by police.


In one picture you can see an officer looking through a plastic bag. Southaven police say the toddler was abandoned with that bag full of clothes and a note.

We still don’t know what the note said, but a Goodwill employee told FOX13 the man who dropped the toddler off said his mother couldn’t take care of him.

FOX13 also got new surveillance video from the nearby gas station. It shows a man get out of a red car parked at a gas pump. You can then see him walk the child to the Goodwill. The man is inside for a moment, but he walks back to his car without the child.

This story is inspiring people to adopt children.

If you’re interested in adopting. Visit the links below.