Activist who lost his son 17 years ago to gun violence is speaking out after violent holiday weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating 11 shootings Memorial Day weekend that resulted in 15 people shot and three dead.

Memphis Police told us there have been 86 homicides this year compared to 66 at the same time last year.

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We spoke to an activist who said even in the middle of this pandemic, we need to focus on stopping the violence.

“We can’t forget about the crime, the virus is deadly but so are guns,” said Stevie Moore.

17 years ago, Moore’s son was shot when he left a night club.

Ever since then, Moore vowed to speak out against gun violence in the city of Memphis.

That is when his nonprofit created the “Stop the Killing Initiative.”

“A dad is supposed to be there to protect his son, so I’m trying to protect everyone else’s sons and daughters,” he said.

So far this holiday weekend, Memphis Police have responded to at least 11 shootings that left 15 people shot and three people dead.

Moore said this pandemic is not stopping him from trying to make a difference, especially since there have been 86 homicides in Memphis this year.

“Putting signs out, getting masks made, we can’t drop the message,” Moore said.

Moore said he also plans to create a crime tip line so people can call anonymously if they believe someone is about to commit a crime.

He said he’s doing this for his son, Prentice Moore, and for other families who have lost loved ones

“And I keep that picture right there because I want his memory known that daddy didn’t stop trying,” he said.

Memphis Police have only arrested one person in connection to a shooting during this holiday weekend.

Moore said he plans on setting up the crime tip line sometime next week.