Additional repairs may be needed to I-40 Bridge, TDOT says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As 24/7 operations continue, the contractor is making significant progress on the repairs, TDOT reported in Friday’s bridge repair update.

TDOT received a draft report on the bridge inspection. No failures were found but locations were identified that may need some additional repairs.

TDOT said the department has asked the contractor to proceed with sourcing the various materials that will be needed for those repairs.

No detailed schedule is available regarding those repairs yet but the original end of July date is still the goal.

All structural and splice plates have been installed at the fracture location, TDOT reported and shared a photo of the last big plate installed.

The following is work that will be happening over the next several days as of Friday, July 2:

  • Minor miscellaneous drilling remains on some small connection pieces.
  • Final bolting and torqueing are ongoing and should be completed by tonight.
  • De-stressing of the post-tensioning (PT) system should be completed on Saturday.
  • Once the PT system is de-stressed, removing the PT Rods and weldment/anchors will begin next week.
  • Removal of the rigging from the upper truss section will also begin next week.
  • Several miscellaneous bracing and connection pieces that were initially removed to accommodate the work are being re-installed.