Air travel roars back as people pack their bags, take off for Spring Break

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Air travel is roaring back as people pack their bags and take off for Spring Break.

Memphis International Airport leaders say they’re seeing the largest number of travelers since the start of the pandemic.

Throughout the day, Friday, the airport was packed. FOX13 spoke with people who said they’re going to follow safety precautions, but they’re excited to get away.

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“We’re going to hang out at the beach, go on a boat, catch the sunset one night,” college student Bella Liverto said.

Liverto and a friend were heading off to Miami for Spring Break.

“This is my first time flying since COVID,” said Veronica James said.

James and two friends were decked out in matching shirts, ready to celebrate in Atlanta.

“I’m a little nervous about it because we have a full flight, but I think we will be OK,” said James.

Despite the risks associated with traveling during a pandemic, these passengers are excited to be able to travel. And they’re not alone. Friday was the busiest air travel day since the pandemic began, with more than 6,400 people passing through security at Memphis International Airport.

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“It could be an indication that people are getting a little more comfortable with their travel,” said Glen Thomas, Memphis International Airport Public Information Officer.

Airport leaders believe the rollout of vaccines and lower COVID-19 case numbers have driven people to book flights.

“Things are moving at the airport. There’s less traffic than we’re accustomed to, but things are moving at the airport,” said Thomas.

While the CDC recommends against travel even if you have been vaccinated against COVID.-19, flyers told FOX13 they’re taking necessary steps to stay safe.