Alcorn County SD leasing iPads to make student life a little easier

WATCH: Alcorn County SD leasing iPads to make student life a little easier

ALCORN COUNTY, Miss. — A new gift in the new year for 350 high school juniors and seniors in Alcorn County, Mississippi.

This semester, they get new iPads to use in class and to do homework.

FOX13 went to Kossuth High School, where students said the change makes their work a lot easier.

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Senior Ryan Cummings told us the iPads has already made a big difference and taken a weight off of the daily load of going to class.

"I like how it's all on my iPad and I don't have to carry a bunch of books and binders and textbooks and all of our work is now on there, so I get to use that, and I just keep up with that one thing,” Cummings said.

The Alcorn County School District has leased 550 iPads from Apple for the next three years at a cost of a quarter of a million dollars.

Some of those iPads are loaners in case a student leaves one at home.

Juniors and seniors at Biggersville, Alcorn Central and Kossuth high schools have the iPads.

Kossuth Junior Morgan Null said the iPads will make a big difference to help students keep up with classwork because the teacher can send it to them.

“And if you were absent a day or something, she can send you can just click on the videos and you can watch the videos so you are not really missing a day of school because you can catch up on it with the iPad,” Null said.

In Kossuth, a town of only a few hundred people, puts students here on the cutting edge.

“It's really big because we're not used to being technologically advanced, and now we have this,” Null said. “It makes it easier for us to learn.

The district will trade out the iPads for new ones in three years and it is also looking into getting iPads for freshmen and sophomores.