Memphian Marquita Bradshaw says she is not conceding Senate race

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In the battle over the Senate, Republican Bill Hagerty is the projected winner for Tennessee’s open U. S. Senate seat.

Election results show Hagerty won with more than 65 percent of the votes, and Democratic challenger Marquita Bradshaw received about 35 percent of the votes.

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But during her watch party Tuesday night, Bradshaw said the race wasn’t over and she told her supporters, she wasn’t going to concede yet.

“Because I know the antics that they’ve done in the past, and it goes no farther than here so in true South Memphis style, we will fight and we going to go find my votes at the bottom of the basement,” she said.

FOX13 requested a one-on-one interview with Bradshaw but she wasn’t available for comment on Wednesday.

After her speech, she talked with reporters briefly Tuesday night.

“We are also going to inspect what has happened in all 95 counties, do the forensic and we’re going to make sure that the votes actually represent what the people wanted,” said Bradshaw.

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When asked if she had talked with Hagerty, the election commission or the Secretary of State about inspecting votes, Bradshaw refused to answer.

A spokeswoman for the Secretary of State told FOX13 they aren’t aware of any request to inspect votes from Bradshaw’s campaign. They added that tally tapes are printed at the precinct level on election night and are available for inspection at the polling locations.

Shelby County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Harris said they have talked with the Bradshaw campaign but not about inspecting votes.

“Her statements regarding the results, I don’t think they are statements intending to send a message other than every vote matters and every vote should be counted and I think it’s an acknowledgment of the reality that in many elections there are people who cast provisional ballots who never have their votes counted,” said Harris.

Hagerty’s campaign said they haven’t heard from Bradshaw at this point.

A spokesperson with the Tennessee Democratic Party shared this statement:

“The Tennessee Democratic Party is doing its due diligence to ensure every vote in Tennessee is accounted for. This can mean waiting for some election commissions to finish tabulating votes, however at this time, we do not have any reason to believe there has been any intentional effort to not count ballots.”


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