Appointments booked through end of month as COVID-19 vaccinations resume

WATCH: Shelby County Health Department resumes COVID-19 vaccinations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After several days of no vaccine movement, the Shelby County Health Department started administering shots again Tuesday at the Pipkin Building at the Mid-South Fairgrounds in Memphis.

“In fact, I just did a car, the mother and daughter, the mother was 93 years old, and she was so excited. She was giggling and going on like oh wow this is fantastic,” said Betty Robinson who administered the vaccines.

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Right now, the Shelby County Health Department is still vaccinating the 1A1 group, which includes health care workers, first responders and people 75 or older.

“There were 720 slots available per day, and they went so fast. In two days they were gone,” said Judy Martin, Chief of Nursing at the SCHD.

In fact, the health department’s vaccination appointments are booked through the end of the month.

Martin said the changes to distribution guidelines are promising now that the government is no longer holding back second doses.

“It does give me a little bit of comfort to know that we will have the vaccines that we need to be done in terms of providing the second doses.”

Martin said the department has enough supply to meet the demand. Right now the Shelby County Health Department is working to set up more sites for health care workers like Robinson, who’s passionate about administering the vaccine.

“Very critical because of our numbers steadily going up, and I think we really provide a great service to the community, said Robinson.

The health department wants to remind people that if they are coming to get vaccinated, they need to have proof of registration.