Arkansas residents work to recover from storm damage

WATCH: Arkansas residents work to recover from storm damage

WYNNE, Ark. — Emergency Management worked swiftly to clear the streets and neighborhood roads where downed trees and branches blocked drivers.

Electric crews responded to several downed powerlines and worked to restore power.

Energy Arkansas reported nearly 5,000 power outages in Wynne and three surrounding cities.

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Ethan McKnight told FOX13 he was driving through the storm when he ran into a power pole.

“I had my windshield wipers,” McKnight said. “I could barely see the glimpse of something, and I saw the powerlines. I actually hit it. But luckily nothing happened. No damage or nothing.”

James West Moreland said compared to some of his neighbors who had uprooted trees in their yards, he only had to clear a few branches.

“It’s inconvenient,” Moreland said. “I imagine we’re not going to have power until tomorrow morning. There is a lot of damage in town, minor but a lot of it.”

Old Earl High School had a lot of debris and damage.

Some windows were knocked out and there were dents on sides of the building.

Strong winds tore off the roof of the building and carried it over to the parking lot. It barely missed another school structure beside it.

This isn’t the first storm the building has seen.

It’s reported that 12 years ago Earle High School was damaged by a tornado.