Arlington basketball courts closed after shooting, large gatherings during the pandemic

ARLINGTON, Tenn. — Basketball courts in Arlington are now closed after a shooting and large crowds gathered in a neighborhood.

Mayor Mike Wissman said he’s doing this to protect the community not only because of the pandemic but also because the shooting happened by a neighborhood and a bullet actually went inside someone’s home.

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Neighbors said its unfortunate that a few bad apples had to ruin the fun for the neighborhood kids.

“Our own kids can’t go to the park now and shoot basketball because some strangers come over and are ruining stuff for us,” said neighbor Gloria Collins.

Collins said she’s lived in Arlington her whole life and never experienced a shooting this close to home.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s office said on Friday two men fired shots at a victim near the corner of Dr. Logan and Dr. Logan Circle which is by a basketball court.

“You got strangers over here shooting over at people and stuff you can hit someone here that is innocent,” said Collins.

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After this, Wissman decided to shut down the basketball courts.

He said it’s not only because of the shooting but because people were crowding neighborhoods which was bad especially during a pandemic.

“It’s unfortunate that one or two or a few bad people can make a bad decision to impact so many,” said Wissman.

Collins said she feels sorry for the children in the neighborhood who liked to play there but said it’s the best move to keep everyone safe.

“We got our own kids that stay here I have a grandbaby she’s not here right now and thank god because of the shooting,” said Collins.

Police said the victim in the shooting was not hurt.