Autistic mid-south child gifts law enforcement hero

BARTLETT, Tenn. — A mid-south child’s heartwarming gesture reminds us what the holiday season is all about.

The season of giving filled the air on Plum Hill Dr. in Bartlett this Christmas.

You see, eight-year-old Jesse Wieber has a deep admiration for law enforcement.

“I’ve loved them for a really long time because they fight crime and they beat up the bad guys,” he said.

Wieber is autistic.

He has saved up his tooth fairy money, and this Christmas, he wanted to show his heroes some appreciation.

He bought his dad and big brother gifts for under the tree.

“I had enough to get a police officer a gift for Christmas,” Wieber said. “They work really hard. And they do a lot of really good stuff for us.”

An eight-year-old boy, cash in hand, the world at his disposal, spent that money on others that included a total stranger.

His mom called dispatch Christmas Day, and they waited in anticipation.

“Merry Christmas, I want to give you this as a present,” the little boy said on a cell phone video.

“Why, I appreciate it, thank you,” an officer said.

Bartlett Police Officer Matt Weibel got the call.

“That’s awesome,” said Weibel in a cell phone video. “I appreciate you, man. I’ve got some kids that would love to play with that.”

“Do you know it’s not very common to find an eight-year-old boy who gets money that they can spend on anything that they want, and they go and buy presents for other people,” Wieber asked us. “I don’t think that’s common.”

Wieber’s mom is loves how her son cares for them.

“Nowadays there are a lot of people that are negative on police officers,” said Janie Wieber, the mother. “I don’t want my kids growing up hearing of that. I want them to judge for themselves. I love that he loves law enforcement and firefighters. We are proud. We are really proud about it.”

The eight-year-old even got to sit in a police cruiser and said it was awesome.

The aspiring officer toured a squad car and even got to flip the blue lights on.

In return, he got a friend for life.

“I like doing stuff for other people,” he said. “It makes me feel really good.”

Jesse’s mom shared the video to Facebook.

It now has more than 4,000 views.

Thank you Bartlett Police Department!!!! Making Jesse’s Christmas! Jesse spent his ToothFairy money, spending on A...

Posted by Janie Wieber on Wednesday, December 25, 2019