Baby boy fights for life after being shot in his father’s arms

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Christmas shopping trip turned deadly when police say someone fired shots at a father holding his baby outside Oak Court Mall on Saturday, Nov. 20.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man dies after being shot at Oak Court Mall, police say

Jaylen Hill was shot multiple times and is fighting for his life. His father, Jayson Hill, died.

His mother, Danielle Barnes, told FOX13 her little boy was with his dad shopping for Christmas gifts at the mall when they were both shot. Now, he’ll be spending the holidays in the hospital.

“It’s horrible to see your child who was a healthy baby when he left with his father at noon and when you see him at seven o’clock, he’s shot up,” Barnes said.

Barnes was at home when she heard about the shooting.

“They was going to the mall to get Christmas gifts — didn’t make it back home,” she said.

“You could not tell that was my child when we went down there to see him. We didn’t know who that baby was, but it was my son,” she said.

Fast forward two weeks later, and Memphis police are still searching for the shooter. MPD told FOX13 they’re looking for a silver car, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu.

Barnes told FOX13 she believes MPD is too busy trying to solve Young Dolph’s murder. She said she hasn’t heard from officers since the shooting happened.

“MPD does not do their job. All they’ve been worried about is young Dolph’s case we have not seen a detective,” she said.

Barnes said she is desperate for answers.

“Calling them, no callback. Went down there — we didn’t see nobody in person,” she said.

Barnes told FOX13 she doesn’t understand why someone would do this.

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“We were very close, though. Still, you don’t shoot nobody with their child no matter if I did know them, you don’t shoot anyone with their child, period,” said Barnes.

Meanwhile, 9-month-old Jaylen is slowly recovering in the hospital.

Barnes told FOX13 her son will most likely be in the hospital for several more months.

“This was going to be his first Christmas,” said Barnes. “He already spent his first Thanksgiving in the hospital.”

Barnes hopes her son can celebrate his first birthday in February outside of a hospital room.

She told FOX13 the greatest birthday gift would be for the shooter to get arrested.

“How would you feel if someone walked out the mall and shot your child and shot your husband” How would you feel? My point exactly. You don’t know how to feel because it’s not you,” Barnes said.

FOX13 reached out to MPD about Barnes’ claims but was told only that the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the family is working on putting together funeral arrangements for the father.

There is a gofundme account set up to help with Jaylen’s recovery. CLICK HERE for more information.