Back-to-School block party hosted by Wellness and Stress Clinic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It may be hard to believe, but the start of the new school year is just around the corner.

But sky-high inflation means back-to-school shopping may cost you more, than in previous years.

“I’m going to have fun. Play a little, have fun.”

After a long summer, eight-year-old C.J. is excited to go back to school.

“I want to see my friends, my teachers, and my new teachers,” he said.

Before the big day, he and his siblings need to prepare.

That’s why his family spent Saturday morning at a back-to-school block party hosted by the Wellness and Stress Clinic of Memphis.

“Because of gas prices and food prices, it’s really a big help for my kids,” Ina Dewitt of Memphis said.

Volunteers passed out free backpacks, and school supplies and families were even able to roll up their sleeves for a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot.

“Kids of all ages are now able to get the vaccine. We will be healthier; our grandparents will be healthier. All of us will be healthier if we get it,” Peter Hossler, the director of the clinic said.

Hossler said the event was open to all school-aged children in the area.

“We live in a community where not every kid has all the things they need to be successful in school and until we get to a point where that’s not the case, it’s very important,” he said.

As for C.J.’s family, they said a little help goes a long way.

“Getting them prepared, food, clothes backpacks, I am just ready,” Dewitt said.