Barge traffic resumes under I-40 Bridge, U.S. Coast Guard says

Memphis, Tenn. — Barges are moving again under the I-40 Bridge on the Mississippi River.

After review, the U.S. Coast Guard has deemed the river traffic safe to resume.

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As of Friday, there were 62 vessels and 1,058 barges in the queue, the release said.

“Based on information provided to us by the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Coast Guard has determined that transit under the I-40 bridge is safe for maritime traffic,” said Coast Guard Capt. Ryan Rhodes, Captain of the Port of Memphis. “We appreciate the cooperative efforts of both the Tennessee and Arkansas Departments of Transportation, as well as maritime port partners, to ensure the safety of our waterway,” the release said.

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That barge traffic, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, is set to resume immediately.

There’s still no word on when vehicle traffic may be able to resume traveling over the bridge between Arkansas and Tennessee.

Traffic immediately shut down on I-40 Tuesday when crews contracted by ArDOT to perform a routine inspection on the bridge discovered a fracture in the bridge’s structure.

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