Bartlett hairstylist still awaiting unemployment benefits

WATCH: Bartlett hairstylist still awaiting unemployment benefits

BARTLETT,Tenn. — The pandemic unemployment program that provides an additional $600 in unemployment benefits ends the 25th of this month.

A local hairstylist who qualifies for that additional money is still waiting on her benefits.

Jasmine Fentress, a mother of four has been waiting on her unemployment benefits since March.

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FOX13′s Siobhan Riley reached out to the state to ask is it acceptable for someone to wait that long to get their benefits after applying for unemployment on

Yesterday, they said they would be able to resolve the issue.

“Not being able to have unemployment is a downer and that’s something I could use,” said Fentress.

Fentress is like thousands of people across the Mid-South still waiting on unemployment benefits during this pandemic.

“You just have to be very creative and if I had that unemployment it would just allow me to breathe a little bit so it won’t be so stressful,” she said.

The single mother of four is now back at work as a Bartlett hairstylist.

That income remains uncertain.

“We are also on an appointment basis and sometimes in one week, I may have no appointments,” Fentress told FOX13.

FOX13 reached out to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce to find out why it’s taking so long to award Fentress her benefits.

A spokesman said if Fentress had an issue with her pandemic unemployment assistance claim the state should be able to resolve it immediately.

Once that happens, she will have certifications paying out for five weeks.

In the meantime, Fentress has to worry about childcare for her children--that’s $200 per child.

“A lot of times when decisions are being made they are often based on a typical household dynamic of a mom, a dad and a family but they often don’t consider single moms,” Fentress said.

Derrione Carrick, a 19-year-old who’s the breadwinner for his three younger siblings and mother who is in and out of the hospital has been waiting for his benefits since April.

The state told FOX13 he needed to complete his work history.

That young gentleman texted FOX13 a document proving he completed his work history.

We emailed it to the state of Tennessee and expect to hear back from them after the holiday.