BBB warns consumers about fake coronavirus home testing kits

WATCH: BBB warns consumers about fake coronavirus testing kits

MID-SOUTH — Scammers have already attempted to profit off the coronavirus outbreak by advertising home test kits.

COVID-19 home test kits do not exist. The FDA has not authorized any test you can purchase and take at home.

FOX13 spoke to Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South.

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“We see scammers come crawling out the woodwork, “ she said,

Don’t be fooled by scammers trying to take advantage of you during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We know that the scammers follow the headlines, so they use that event to take advantage of people,” Crawford said.

The Arkansas Division of Emergency Management posted on its Facebook page this week and reminded the public these kits do not exist.

“If there was a new product available they would be hearing about it through normal official channels,” Crawford said.

FOX13 asked the BBB about some red flags people should look for.

“Any text, email, or phone call that asks for your personal information is more than likely a scam. You don’t want to give out your personal information,” said Crawford.

She said to expect to see more scams related to the coronavirus and be ready to protect yourself.

“We’re all in this together, and you have to get your news from official news sources like FOX13 and not so much social media channels,” she said.

If you come across a potential scam, notify the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South.