Bed bugs, no A/C and no hot water: Serenity Towers says repairs could take months

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — No air conditioning, no hot water, bed bugs and plumbing issues.

Living conditions at the Serenity at Highland apartment complex are so bad that some residents choose to sleep outside.

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Managers were back in environmental court on Thursday to give an update on repairs.

Serenity’s attorney told a judge all the parts have arrived to fix the AC system and repairs will begin immediately. But, he said it will take 14 to 16 weeks before they get the parts to fix the hot water tank.

“At first, it didn’t really bother me. And then, I think it was yesterday, when I got up and got ready to go out, I just started crying,” said one resident.

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FOX13 spoke to several elderly residents who did not want their faces shown on camera.

They said they’ve been dealing with no air conditioning or hot water, along with bedbugs and insects for weeks.

They said it’s putting their health at risk.

“I try to get things done that I need to do every day taking care of myself, and it becomes very difficult. I’m always worn out by the heat, you know,” said a person living at the apartments.

One resident took us inside his apartment on the top floor to show us some of the issues he deals with daily.

He said he can’t flush his toilet and chooses to sleep in his car every night to escape the extreme heat.

Until the issues are fixed, residents FOX13 spoke with said they’re concerned for their neighbors, especially the ones living on the top floors.

“I was up at three this morning praying because they can’t come down because they are in wheelchairs,” one person said.

The judge on Thursday fined Millenia, which manages the complex, another $1,000 for the hot water issue.

The company is due back in court Tuesday for another status hearing.