Expert weighs in on how to deal with mental, emotional fallout of mass shooting tragedy

Memphis, Tenn. — The entire town of Collierville is hurting after Thursday’s mass shooting at the Kroger grocery store on New Byhalia Rd.

A Mid-South behavioral specialist said the tragic event will not only have a lasting effect on those who live in Collierville but on the entire area.

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A behavioral specialist told me she suggests therapy. She said holding back emotion and thoughts of the tragedy will only make things worst inside.

”The effect people are going to have from this mass shooting is going to be a big one,” said Brandy Flynn, behavioral specialist.

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Flynn believes Thursday’s mass shooting left a mark on the lives of people all over Shelby County, one which they will always think about.

”We have to normalize talking about mental health. We have to normalize talking about situations to bring some type of comfort to people,” Flynn said.

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Flynn said that she’s dealt with people recovering from violent events before and the recovery stages can be extremely sensitive depending on the impact it’s had on the person.

”If you know somebody that was there, if you know a worker or customer, allow them their space. Don’t ask what happened because you make them relieve the situation all over again,” Flynn said.

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Flynn said while giving them their space always be on the ready for them to feel comfortable enough to open up.

”If they feel like they have the space and it’s time to talk, always give them a listening ear,” Flynn said.

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The Shelby County Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center (CVRCC) has teamed up with the FBI’s victim services section to offer help those impacted by this event.

If you need assistance, you can reach out to the CVRCC via or, if you are experiencing a crisis, call them at 901-222-3950.

Please note that for this weekend calls will be rolling over automatically to the 24-hour crisis line at the Memphis Crisis Center. The CVRCC is a Shelby County government agency but is also an independent victim service center. They work with all victims of crime in Shelby County.