Beloved Memphis breakfast restaurant closing its doors

Just five months after its owner died of cancer, beloved Memphis breakfast spot Blue Plate Cafe is closing its doors.

Blue Plate Cafe, located at 5469 Poplar Ave., will serve its last plate on January 23, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

A post on the page left open the possibility of reopening at another location but noted the struggles brought on by the loss of owner Mike Richmond who died of cancer in October.

“There’s a possibility of reopening at a later date at a new location, but for now, we need to adjust to our new normal without dad. I have not renewed our 2022 lease. Hope you’ll come see us before we close the doors,” the post read.

That post was made on Dec. 27, 2021. On New Year’s Eve, the restaurant posted again, embracing the bitter-sweet atmosphere as it entered its last month in business.

“We are SO thrilled you are coming to see us before we close,” the post read. “You have cried with us, prayed for us, and loves us well. We are having new visitors too. It’s so awesome to go out this way. We love the crowd AND it puts a lot of pressure on our small staff. Please be patient & kind. January 23rd is our last day. It’s been great to serve Memphis so long. Thank you.”