Better Business Bureau employee discovers scammers impersonating friend on Instagram

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When it comes to scams, anyone can become a target. That includes people who work to stop them for a living.

A Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South employee told FOX13 she found herself in the middle of an Instagram hijacking scam.

“It’s very confusing because you think, well, I know this person,” Alanna Moore said. “I trust this person. But, this doesn’t sound right.”

It started out with posts on Instagram from two friends Moore trusted.

“They were on Instagram posting stories about how they invested $1,000 and got a $10,000 return in the span of three hours,” she said.

Moore, who works in sales at the BBB, thought it sounded fishy. She then messaged her friends and asked them if they’d been hacked.

The people on the other end denied the claims, all while continuing to impersonate her friends.

“They were just trying so hard to mirror my friends’ personalities, and I am guessing what they do is just go through all the messages in there and start talking like they do,” Moore said. “It’s really scary.”

One of her friends even posted a video of herself detailing how successful she was with the cryptocurrency program.

That’s when Moore decided to call her friend Shelby Harris directly and found out she had lost access to her account.

“They somehow altered my face slightly, and Alanna said it sounded like me, looked like me,” Harris said. “Someone is posing as me on Instagram right now.”

Moore is now using her experience in hopes it will urge others not to believe everything they see online, even if it appears to come from a friend you trust.

“I think people need to consider what’s too good to be true and what’s not because that is definitely too good to be true,” Moore said.