Bill would help Germantown regain control of 3 MSCS schools within municipal boundaries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A bill filed in Nashville puts the city of Germantown one step closer to gaining local control of all nine public schools within its municipal boundaries.

Currently, Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD) operates six schools in Germantown, and Memphis Shelby County Schools (MSCS) operates the remaining three, according to a release from the city.

After months of negotiations with representatives from MSCS and state leaders, House Bill 2430 will be presented to the House Education Committee on March 8.

If it passes, it will move to the Senate Education Committee the next day.

The bill prevents a Local Education Agency (school district) from operating within the boundaries of another Local Educational Agency without having an agreement between the parties in place, the release said.

If approved by state legislators, the new rules would go into effect in July.

At that time, any school district that operates schools within the geographical boundaries of another school district serving grades K-12 would either need to enter into an agreement authorizing their operations outside of their jurisdiction, or immediately transfer all property used in the operation of the schools to the municipal district, the release said.

Locally, the legislation would mean that MSCS would no longer be allowed to operate Germantown Elementary, Middle and High Schools without an agreement with GMSD, as they fall within the boundaries of the GMSD and the City of Germantown.

Germantown is one of two municipalities in Shelby County that was not granted complete control over all of the public schools within its municipal boundaries when local municipal school districts were created in 2014.

The City has worked to regain control of Germantown Elementary, Middle and High Schools since that time, the release said.

Residents who would like to provide input on the bill are encouraged to contact our state legislators at:

Representative Mark White at or 615-741-4415

Representative John Gillespie at or 615-741-8201

Representative Kevin Vaughn at or 615-741-1866

Senator Brian Kelsey at or 615-741-3036