Billboards call local politician a racist

WATCH: Billboard calls Rep. Steve Cohen a racist

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Drivers in Memphis may have seen new billboards on I-40, I-240 and in certain communities proclaiming Congressman Steve Cohen to be a racist.

They were placed around town by the Battle for America PAC in Memphis.

“It’s to make people aware that we have a racial problem in this country and a lot of it is promoted by the leadership in this country and in this case, this district,” said former Chairman of the PAC Bill Stotts.

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Stotts said it’s a message of unity. He says the billboard aims at bringing people together to address what they call ‘issues in the city of Memphis and throughout the country.’

“Seeing those billboards on I-40, 240 and across the city says we need to stop this racism and divide in this country and we need to work together and unite to get the things done that need to be done," said Stotts. "Representatives like Steve Cohen needs to come out and condemn the violence and condemn these murders in Memphis.”

The Battle for America PAC is a group of people who says their mission is to educate people on the value of freedom and nonviolence.

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“It is a device or tool to bring awareness to the problems that this country has racially. We’re (Memphis) the third largest murder population rate in the country. Do something about it rather than sitting on your hands because you think people won’t vote for you if you make them mad,” Stotts explained.

He said the idea of the billboard is to hold officials accountable for addressing issues that matter.

Congressman Cohen responded to the billboards by saying the claims are false and promote divisiveness.

“It just comes out of left field. It’s crazy. My record speaks for itself and people know me. The irony is that the group that put this billboard together is a big Donald Trump group and if there’s ever been a person in politics that’s been racist, it’s Donald Trump,” said Congressman Steve Cohen.