Black Lives Matter protesters concerned about voter suppression

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Black Lives Matter protested outside of the Election Commission’s building Tuesday afternoon against what they call voter suppression.

The organization said it is to bring awareness to how the election commission is working to deter voters.

“The administrators put deceptive information on the website to deter people from request email absentee ballots in order to not be exposed to COVID,” said Black Lives Matter Memphis representative P. Moses.

A spokesperson with the Elections Commission said that’s not the case.

They said on their website is more information on how voters are able to send absentee ballot requests by email.

The spokesperson said you have to download the paperwork, print, sign it and send it to their office.

You can also take a picture with your phone and send it that way via email.

“We can make a change by putting the right people in those seats and our votes matter with that,” said Black Lives Matter representative Darin Abston, Jr.

The Elections Commissions said although the county has battled the effects of COVID-19 and a backlog of ballot requests and delays, early voting has been going smooth.

A spokesperson said normally there are around 800 and 1000 absentee requests, but this year there have been more than 16,000, and they said 70 percent of people don’t self-identify as a race on their registration information.

Both the Black Lives Matter Organization and the Elections Commission said they’re wanting everyone to vote in any way they can.

Early Voting ends Aug. 1.

The Elections Commission said anyone with questions should call their office at 901-222-1200 or visit their website.