Black Lives Matter signs taken down from city hall, per mayor’s orders

WATCH: Black Lives Matter signs taken down from city hall, per mayor's orders

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monday morning, Memphis city workers took down dozens of Black Lives Matter signs surrounding city hall.

Demonstrators said this is an attempt to suppress their first amendment rights.

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We spoke with several activists who said they will not be silenced, and the signs will go back up.

Black Lives Matter signs came down and demonstrators quickly replaced them with more.

“They’re violating our first amendment right,” said Salamander. “They took down our signs.”

Protestors attempted to block Memphis city workers from cutting down the signs, while workers clipped them off the fence.

“I noticed the mayor has time for signage but does not have time to talk to the citizens that actually need him to step up and use his position of power for good,” said Jordan Dodson, activist.

Protestors said workers told them they received their orders to remove the signs from Mayor Jim Strickland.

“I woke up and there was a gang of city workers,” Salamander said. “They told me they had orders to take down the signs.”

For more than a week, city hall has been an epicenter for the local Black Lives Matter movement.

Protestors set up a campsite while they wait for their demands to be met.

“We will put more up,” Dodson said. “If we have to put chalk on the ground. We will even raise money to put black lives matter statue up.”

We reached out to the mayor’s office multiple times Monday but have not heard back.