Black Lives Matter street signs pop up in Memphis

WATCH: Black Lives Matter street signs pop up in Memphis

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — What’s in a name?

A lot, especially if that name changes without warning.

People in Midtown who live on Jackson Avenue woke up to a different street name that came overnight.

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Someone put Black Lives Matter street sign covers over the actual sign.

The signs brought inspiration to the community--even if only for a little while.

A lot of people who live in this neighborhood said they are very curious about how these street sign covers got on top of the actual street signs and if they will stay.

“It’s Black Lives Matter Avenue. I love that,” said Don Whitfield.

People took second glances and even took pictures just to make sure they were on the correct street.

The surprising change to several street signs came overnight and quickly became the talk of the neighborhood.

“I’ll talk to my neighbors and see what they think (Black Lives Matter) there is one,” said Jan Lentz.

“I love the street signs,” Kenya Bradshaw told FOX13. “I live in the neighborhood and I was coming out this morning. It’s important to honor black lives in our community.”

On the flip side, some people said it was confusing for drivers who at times didn’t know what street they were on.

As for who put the covers over the street signs, it remains unknown.

However, people say they wouldn’t mind if the covers remained for the time being.

“It brings hope back actually that we can change and I think the more that we put out the vision that we can actually have,” said Lentz.

A City of Memphis spokesperson told FOX13 the street sign covers did not get authorized by the city.

The city said to stay in compliance, the covers have to be removed.

“While it is I think that laws have oppressed us for many years that have been legal. So doing things that show visually that support our community,” said Bradshaw. “It was a blessing to wake up and see this today.”