‘Black Panther’ fans taking Chadwick Boseman’s sudden passing personally

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fans across the world are still mourning the death of ’Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman.

The actor died after a four-year battle with colon cancer on Friday and many fans are taking his death personally.

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When you walk into 901 Comics, Black Panther is one of the first things you’ll see.

The owners say the Marvel comic was already hard to keep on the shelves but now these comic books and action figures are disappearing as fans search for any way to remember the man who brought this superhero to life - Chadwick Boseman.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever see another Chadwick Boseman and I don’t think we need to. He did want he was supposed to do in the way he was supposed to do it during his lifetime, he gave us all he had,” said Troy Wiggins, Memphis author and editor.

Leading up to his standout performance as Black Panther, Boseman portrayed the lives of other great men in black culture including musician James brown, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and baseball star Jackie Robinson

“All of these black people he portrayed, he portrayed with such grace and skill were in their own right they were superheroes to us, very important figures to us historically and culturally,” said Wiggins. “I feel that his passing and his portrayal of those characters will underscore how important he was as an actor to not just black culture but the field of acting because he brought everything he had to those roles.”

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Wiggins says many fans are taking Boseman’s death personally especially black people.

“We would feel his loss, the loss of Chadwick Boseman we would feel it no matter what because he’s a proleptic actor but the roles he chose to play and the immense gravitas he brought to those roles,” said Wiggins.

UT psychiatrist Dr. Iverson Bell said this connection to Boseman goes beyond the movies.

He said the actor not only brought a superhero to life but Boseman made the character someone relatable which is making his death more personal.

“He was himself, mortal but still have extraordinary power, a good mind and a just mind as well,” said Dr. Bell.

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As fans continue mourning the loss of a king, Wiggins believes the best way to remember such a legacy is to embody it.

“Look all the tributes, it says Chadwick Boseman was a really awesome guy, really kind, really wonderful to be around and really respectful and that’s something we can all try to emulate,” he said.