Blue Oval City on the cusp of construction bringing thousands of jobs to West Tennessee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Come 2025, Stanton, Tennessee will become the site of one of Ford’s most advanced complexes in its 118-year history.

Tipton County Mayor Jeff Huffman says it’s a project never seen before.

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“There’s never been a private, $5.6 billion investment in what’s basically a 3,600-acre soybean field with no infrastructure around it,” said Huffman.

Huffman tells FOX13 Blue Oval City will come with more than its fair share of changes, but he says it’s beneficial.

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The development of this empty land offers nearly 6,000 job opportunities near Stanton.

The mayor believes there are opportunities in education and residential growth in the addition to this new manufacturing plant.

“We’re excited about the process and the construction getting started. It’s going to be something to see,” said Huffman.

Martin Walker has lived in the area for two decades.

He says he’s excited to see the change but worries it may bring more change than folks like him would want.

“We just don’t really want to see it become too busy around here, you know, and change things from the way they are,” said Walker.

Huffman says permits are being looked over and approved before groundwork can be done for the area.

Ford also told FOX13 in a statement more details about the timing of groundbreaking for Blue Oval City will be shared soon.