Buddy the Dog bandage-free, sees light at the end of the tunnel

Tate County, Miss. — Buddy the Dog is finally seeing light, months after intentionally being set on fire by a child in Tate County, Mississippi, according to the Tate County Sheriff’s Office.

The Tunica Humane Society took to Facebook to update the world on Buddy’s progress, showing the dog’s face bandage free for the first time since April when he was found brutally injured on a road in Senatobia.

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Without the bandages on his eyes, Buddy’s whole personality has changed and he is enjoying his time recovering at Mississippi State, playing with balls and roaming the halls of the hospital, the Tunica Humane Society said.

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Buddy came through his neuter surgery with flying colors, according to the humane society, and he will begin heartworm treatment soon.

The Tunica Humane Society emphasized the importance of making sure that Buddy is in the best possible condition to enjoy a new life with a new family when his treatment at Mississippi State is complete.

“We want everything to be on go when he is ready to leave Mississippi State,” the humane society wrote on Facebook. “We want him to be strong and healthy for his future family and we are doing everything we can to make that happen.”

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While Buddy has made significant progress since that horrifying day in April, doctors are still moving cautiously, giving his eyes a rest and more time to heal before more procedures are done on his eyelids.

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