Buddy the dog on road to recovery; will likely have some vision, officials say

MID-SOUTH — Buddy the dog is on the road to recovery and will likely have some vision restored.

Tunica County Humane Society officials posted an update on Facebook about the dog’s improving condition and outpouring of support from people near and far.

The dog was severely injured after being intentionally set on fire in an act the Humane Society called ‘cruel and calculated.’

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Officials said Wednesday a child under age 12 had confessed to the terrible crime.

Under Mississippi law, the child cannot be charged.

Officials said Buddy is a “stellar patient and doing better than ever expected.”

A specialist who examined Buddy’s eyes said he believes they are still intact, the Humane Society said.

There may be damage to the eye lids, tear ducts and lower lids, but all that can be surgically corrected.

Officials said the most important thing is that it appears the dog will have some vision.

Buddy’s doctors are working with a company called Kerecis to provide fish skin for Buddy’s skin grafts, officials said.

The skin will come from the North Atlantic Cod Fish. The technology is extremely successful in humans and animals with severe burns.