Burned-out mail truck leaves neighbors stunned

Arlington, Tenn. — Arlington residents woke up to a shock Thursday morning.

Joe Mack, who lives in the neighborhood, shared a photo and video showing the entire front of the United States Postal Service truck missing, the rest of the truck charred by an apparent fire.

The mail truck was on Brooks River Drive early Thursday morning.

A nearby neighbor heard an explosion, according to Mack. He said nothing is confirmed but, they believe something happened with the engine.

The United States Postal Service said that the vehicle caught fire and was completely destroyed.

Miraculously, the carrier was not harmed in the fire, according to the USPS.

However, the postal service said, mail and packages for around 300 customers may have been affected.

Mack joked that he won’t be getting any credit card applications or bills.

The USPS said that customers whose mail may have been destroyed in the fire will get a letter as early as Friday morning informing them on how to proceed going forward.