Byhalia leaders consider adding $25 fine to mask mandate

BYHALIA, Miss. — Byhalia leaders want to raise the stakes on their mask mandate by including a $25 fine.

Several Alderman pushed for this because they’re seeing employees and customers inside businesses not wearing a mask.

Wednesday morning, they plan on sending letters to business owners to let them know about the new changes.

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“They shouldn’t have to be told this rule. Tonight should never have to be brought up but some things have to be settled in ways you have to settle them,” said Alderman William Rose.

Alderman Rose said he is disappointed with business owners, their employees, and customers who refuse to wear masks in stores. He said it’s a big problem in Byhalia so he pushed for a $25 fine.

The mask mandate doesn’t require people to wear a mask outside.

“It’s disappointing, not surprising but disappointing when an employee doesn’t have their mask,” said Rose.

“We don’t want to fine anyone and once this gets out it’s going to very much help this problem we are having,” said Rose.

Mayor Phil Malone said he’s still working out the details on how to enforce the mandate but doesn’t plan on involving the police. Instead, he will hand out letters to business owners around town.

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He said the first violation is a warning but the second one will include a $25 fine.

“Every day the numbers are going up and I hope and pray it works. It’s not my favorite thing to wear but I put it on,” said Mayor Malone.

The leaders said they expect some backlash but will do whatever it takes to make sure Byhalians are safe.

“If this helps at all I don’t care who gets mad or upset and I’m willing to talk to anyone about it,” said Rose.

The mask mandate will run through December 11.

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