Byhalia residents talk possible mask fine

WATCH: Byhalia residents talk possible mask fine

BYHALIA, Miss. — Leaders in one Mid-South town said you may have to pay up if you don’t wear a mask.

Byhalia’s Mayor and Alderman are still discussing whether to put a $25 fine into effect for people who violate the governor’s mask mandate.

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Some folks said the ordinance would hurt.

The fine hasn’t gone into effect yet but if it does RodKeisshia Fleming, whose family owns Jack’s Grill in Byhalia, said she’s already wearing a mask and asks customers to as well.

“We got to keep in mind safety first and this is food, so it’s a good idea for us to keep us cashiers masked up for when we are face to face, you never know where the other person has been,” Fleming said.

The Mayor of Byhalia said the discussion over the fine for not wearing a mask is still up for debate. They are still discussing whether they will have one and if so whether they will fine the business or the customers also.

“If they pass a fine I’ll just have to pay it if I get a fine,” said Jimbo’s Brickhouse BBQ Owner Jimbo Dalton.

Dalton said he doesn’t wear a mask.

“Well, I’m around smoke all day so wearing a mask I’d probably pass out. It’s hard to cook barbecue and wear a mask,” Dalton said.

He also said he won’t push them on his customers.

“Here at my place we eave it up to the customers if they wanna wear a mask, if they don’t either way we are going to feed them,” Dalton said.

Back to Fleming who said she is going to keep the hand sanitizer upfront at Jacks.

“Keeps germs out and keeps people safe, we follow the rules and we won’t get fined $25 because it is safe and we are keeping people from getting Covid,” Fleming said.

Byhalia mayor said they looked at possibly passing an ordinance like the city of Oxford’s with a much smaller fine.

It’s not clear yet whether they’ll fine people not wearing masks or businesses that allow people to go maskless.