NAACP stepping in after campaign signs allegedly burned in Marshall County

WATCH: NAACP stepping in after campaign signs allegedly burned in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Tensions continue to flare in Marshall County after a woman says her campaign signs were set on fire outside of where she lives. The local chapter of the NAACP says they’re stepping in after incident reports were allegedly falsified and delayed.

“We’re not here to bring an uproar, but we’re not going anywhere. So, if the riots come because we’re not going anywhere then that’s what it’s going to be,” said Antoine Lester, Vice President of the Marshall Co. NAACP.

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Lester says they’re now calling out the sheriff’s office after Francine Boga captured video of a man taking and burning her election signs outside of her yard. They say, after reports were filed, there was false information on the reports and delays showing a lack of effort in an arrest.

“It’s like I’ve been getting the run around. And, then when they do give me the police report, I’m the suspect on the report, how am I the suspect when I’m the one wanting to press the charges? I’m not the suspect,” Boga explained.

She says the suspects name is also not in the report at all. We’re told the signs were on state property and neither on Boga’s or the man in question’s property. We went to the Sheriff’s Office to talk to the sheriff about the incident report, but he was not in the office.

Boga says it’s been over 10 days since the original report and the request for changes, but there was no change.

“I just think it has gotten out of hand. I would like the sheriff’s department to do their part to correct this police report so I can proceed to file the charges that needs to be filed,” said Boga.

“We want justice whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony. If it was one of us, we would be locked up,” said Rodney Lowe, President of Marshall Co. NAACP.

WATCH: Woman says a neighbor has been taking her campaign signs and burning them

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office stated that the charge don’t make a difference if Boga witnessed the crime. They say she needs to go before a judge for a warrant to be issued to find the man responsible.

The NAACP says they’re planning to move forward with more of an outcry if nothing is done.