Car accident viral video sparks mental health conversation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are investigating a crash that caused a car to overturn on I-240 near Perkins after that happened early Friday morning.

Two children and one adult were taken to the hospital.

A Facebook Live that was recorded left some people talking about if the woman involved in the crash was trying to commit suicide with her kids in the car.

“I hate to take my baby girl’s life. You can’t trust everybody with the girls,” the woman in the video said.

This viral video of what appeared to be a mother crying out for help while driving with her babies in the car on Facebook has been viewed by more than a million people.

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It sparked a conversation about mental health.

“I can’t leave them here by themselves because my mama take good care of them, but I want to take somebody with me,” the woman in the video said.

In the video, the woman could be seen holding her baby in her arms. Another child was in the passenger seat.

The woman claimed she was driving on I-240, the same interstate where this car overturned.

“I’m about to go bye-bye,” the woman said.

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Memphis police did not release the name of the woman involved in this crash.

A post on the same Facebook page as the video later said in part, “I’m okay everybody and my girls are stable, just pray. I didn’t mean for this to happen like this.”

She went on to say she lost control when she went to reach for the phone.

“I just can’t do it no more. I want this to be something quick like traffic is so thin right now. I want this to happen so quick,” the woman in the video said.

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Dr. Leon Freeman is the clinical services director for Youth Dimensions. He said anxiety, depression and even the pandemic can lead to cases like this.

“Will I have a job? Those are the things that are impacting a lot of parents today and individuals, and one of the things we always tell people is when you get to a certain point where you feel like there is nothing else I can personally do, seek professional help,” Freeman said.

The mother, who appeared to be from north Mississippi according to her Facebook page, said she was upset with the man she was dating because he cheated.

Anyone in need of help can call:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255)

Tennessee Crisis Center at 855-942-3414

Adult Crisis Intervention at 901-545-2677

Crisis Assessment Center at 901-577-9400