CDC: Number of people ages 18 to 30 dying from COVID-19 tripled in July and August

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — CDC data shows more young people between the ages of 18 to 30 are dying from COVID-19. In fact, the number of deaths in this age range tripled in July and August.

Dr. Steve Threlkeld said there are several reasons we are seeing this increase.

He said fewer young people are vaccinated, they are more likely to go to super spreader events, and the Delta variant is more contagious.

”When you are dealing with 20′s, 30′s, and a 40-year-old patient with small children, it’s very painful for nurses to help with those issues,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

Dr. Threlkeld has seen too many young people die from COVID-19. The worst part is that many of those deaths are preventable if people get vaccinated, social distance, and wear masks.

”We have a lot more contagious virus putting out a thousand times the virus that the other variants previously did, so any one given person is exposing you to more than it used to be exposing to,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

CDC data shows deaths in people ages 18 to 30 have tripled in July and August. He believes some of those cases are from people with underlying health conditions. At the same time, he said some young people are less concerned with the virus and more likely to socialize in large group settings.

”How much virus you get exposed to is probably felt to have some impact in how serious your disease is. In fact, the only vaccinated people I’ve seen very ill and die seem to be at ground zero for super spreader events,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

Meanwhile, data from the USA Today analysis of the National Centers for Health Statistics show 68 percent of white people died from COVID-19 in July and August compared to other races. However, Dr. Threlkeld said he hadn’t seen enough data about why this is happening. Overall, Dr. Threlkeld wants to emphasize that you need to do your part by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask no matter who you are.

”As the old saying goes and I like to quote these days, hope is not a good plan. You hope it won’t happen to you, but again we are having too many people die in the young age group right now,” said Dr. Threlkeld.

Again, Dr. Threlkeld emphasizes the virus is more contagious and makes people sicker. He said unvaccinated people are more at risk, especially if they deal with underlying health conditions like obesity, have an organ transplant, or other conditions.