CDC recommends social distancing and masks during Easter celebrations

MID-SOUTH — How safe are your Easter plans?

The CDC has recommendations for Easter celebrations including Easter egg hunts. Recommendations include wearing a mask and social distancing.

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One Mid-South easter egg hunt destination said they are leaving the precautions up to the Easter egg hunters.

Cedar Hill Farms owner Robert Foster said he found the CDC’s recommendations to be a bit strict. Foster added that the government might want to stay out of trying to regulate health codes on easter egg hunting.

“I think people need to use their own better judgment,” Foster said.

Foster said about 30 percent of the people who come out here wear a mask initially and then once they get out here and start easter egg hunting, the mask comes off.

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“You can tell that maybe they haven’t been out very much, and they come out and are real cautious and they have on their masks when they first get here and by the time they leave the majority of them have lost the mask and are just enjoying the day,” Foster said.

Porsha Threatt of Olive Branch visited Cedar Hill Farms Friday with her church. She wore her mask.

“It’s their preference as long as I have mine on, so we’re going to do our part and we are glad to see everyone out here having fun,” Threatt said.

At the same time, Threatt found the idea of social distancing at an easter egg hunt to be a bit much.

“Yes, it’s very hard, of course. What can you tell these babies you know just hold your breath, we’re going to mask up and we have had our shots,” Threatt said.

Among the CDC’s other recommendations is for congregations to hold Easter services virtually.

If they do get together, the CDC said outdoor celebrations are safer than indoor services.