CDC releases guidelines for COVID-19 contact tracing in schools

MID-SOUTH — The Centers for Disease Control has released new guidelines for teachers and school administrators when it comes to reporting COVID-19 cases.

Students, staff and teachers who are diagnosed with COVID-19 should isolate and stay away from anyone they’ve had contact with, the CDC says.

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Anyone who’s been in contact with the infected person within the previous six days should be prioritized for a follow-up investigation to prevent additional transmission of the virus.

The CDC guidelines say the most helpful thing educators can do to support contact tracing is to be fast about reporting cases.

Fully vaccinated people with no symptoms do not need to quarantine or be tested if they are exposed.

To read the full guidelines, click here.

A nationwide survey of nearly one thousand teachers by the RAND corporation shows about 44 percent of teachers left education because of the pandemic. The study said “stress was the most common reason for leaving public school teaching early—almost twice as common as insufficient pay.”