Changes in social distancing allow more Tiger fans to fill the Liberty Bowl

Changes in social distancing allow more Tiger fans to fill the Liberty Bowl
Memphis vs. UFC game (WHBQ)

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — The Memphis Tigers were back on the field Saturday, and fans were back in the stands and there to watch them win 50 to 49 over UFC.

The roar of the crowd was music to the ears of Tiger football fans.

Looser health regulations allowed 10,000 fans to be in the stadium, up from 6,000 at the season opener.

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“It’s the camaraderie with the kids and the families and all our friends, and watching the Tigers play hard, said Ransom Edwards.” He can do that with more family members now that local regulations reduced social distancing from 12 feet to six at outdoor events.

There’s new Tiger paw prints painted all over to remind people to social distance.

Temperatures are taken when people enter and all tickets are digital. Masks are required at all times, something not popular with all fans.

Longtime fan Sherry Greer was sad when the September 18th game was canceled.

Greer said the changes are a small price to pay to keep people safe and the games on the schedule.

“Just the flood of excitement, the breeze, the players running in. It’s just an event for everybody," he said. "I hate we can’t tailgate, but that’s the way it is,” Greer told us. It’s not just fans happy to these stands filled once again. We met Cherry Echols who is on the cleaning crew and loses money when no one is in the stadium.

“It feels great. It gives you some work to do, other than have idle time,” Echols told us. We did see some fans without a mask, or with one pulled down. Stadium employees quickly reminded those fans they could put their mask on or leave.