Child’s food thrown in bag ‘like they were feeding animals,’ parent says

WATCH: Parents upset after video shows student's food was just thrown in a bag

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents are outraged after a new video shows some of the food that a Shelby County parent picked up from Sherwood Elementary. The video shows a number of food items dumped into a bag together.

Shelby County Schools says the proper protocol is for the food items to be packaged separately, especially for bulk distribution.

“We recognize that we had employees that did not follow proper protocol in the packaging of those items that were distributed from Sherwood Elementary. We’ve met with those employees to understand their actions and of course it was unacceptable,” said Genard Phillips, the SCS Chief of Business Operations.

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WATCH: Child’s food thrown in bag ‘like they were feeding animals,’ parent says

The video is getting thousands of reactions online and an investigation by the district. The parent, Christine Sykes said it’s the second week it’s happened.

“We’ve had these bags before, but they put everything in here like they were feeding them to animals,” said Sykes.

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Shelby County Schools says they’re looking into the matter and have taken the proper disciplinary action to the employees who did not follow proper protocol.

“We have done communication with all staff members to make sure that nothing like this, inappropriate packaging happens again,” said Phillips.

Shelby County Schools say the Sherwood Elementary location is the only site where meals were packaged this way. Shelby County Schools normally distributes around 85,000 meals daily. This week they’ve delivered 55,000 meal packages for families.

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