Church Health Center working with uninsured and underinsured families

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Church Health Center at Crosstown Concourse is packed with families right now who either do not have insurance because of a job loss or are underinsured.

They are also now seeing children and remind parents and caregivers that now is the time to be wise and immunize.

“For Church Health, for so long we’ve been seeing the uninsured and underinsured and it really just made sense a few years ago to start seeing the whole family,” Church Health Centers Director of Medical Operations Jeneba Winfrey-Porter told FOX13. “Of course we are seeing more and more people at our Urgent Care who have nowhere else to turn because they don’t have insurance anymore."


If you have a child, most children are able to get some services if they are underinsured or uninsured.

The Vaccines for Children program is statewide in Tennessee. That means anyone can go to a help center or the health department or Church Health Center and vaccinations for children are free.

Winfrey-Porter said be wise and immunize!

“Instead of waiting until they get sick, it’s important to immunize before they are exposed to deadly diseases," she said. "So it’s a really good thing to say to be wise and immunize.”