City of Horn Lake working to settle lawsuit over proposed mosque

HORN LAKE, Miss. — Legal pressure may have a north Mississippi town reconsidering plans for a house of worship.

In May, FOX13 reported the City of Horn Lake denied permits for building a mosque on Church Road near Horn Lake Road.

ORIGINAL STORY: City of Horn Lake denies proposal to build a mosque

A lawsuit by the ACLU and the man who wanted to build the mosque has the City rethinking that decision.

A number of people who live near the proposed site for the mosque told FOX13 they don’t want it. They wouldn’t go on camera but said they are concerned about noise and traffic.

The City of Horn Lake says they denied the permits out of concerns over loudspeakers at the mosque for the call to prayer.

Ray Elk, the man who wants to build the mosque, says those were never in the plan.

The City also cited concerns about traffic and water pressure.

Elk said those were just excuses to stop the mosque from being built due to anti-muslim sentiment.


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William Walker doesn’t understand why the City initially denied the permit. He lives right around the corner from the site and has an EMS siren in his backyard. It went off while we were trying to interview him.

”I don’t understand the noise complaints. Like, we hear that all throughout the day... it’s normal throughout this area,” Walker said. “Church Road is a pretty busy road. It’s probably just an excuse.”

Both city leaders and Elk told FOX13 they couldn’t discuss the possible settlement and what is in the works.

Elk said he filed suit because his civil rights and freedom of religion were violated.

In the meantime, Ron Wilson, who lives in the neighborhood, doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

”I don’t see any problem with it,” he said. “You have freedom of religion. You have the Presbyterians, the Baptists, and Catholics, and Methodists and Muslims.”

An attorney with the ACLU would only say they look forward to working with the City of Horn Lake and hope the terms are satisfactory for their clients.