Clarksdale commissioners pass masks ordinance

WATCH: Clarksdale commissioners pass mask ordinance

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Residents in Clarksdale, Mississippi, are now required to wear a mask if they go outside. Commissioners unanimously passed the ordinance earlier this week.

According to the mayor, the city passed the mask ordinance more as a matter of awareness of what could be coming next with COVID-19.

Mayor Chuck Espy told FOX13 there is concern over what the numbers in the state could do now, and what could happen in the fall. Commissioner Ken Murphey said the mask ordinance is more of a strong recommendation.

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“It’s not enforceable. We have to go by the CDC guidelines and the State of Mississippi guidelines, and we just want to strongly recommend that the citizens of Clarksdale they wear their masks and practice safety so we can get back to some kind of normalcy,” Murphey said.

There is no penalty if you do not wear a mask. Willie Martin of Clarksdale said he wears his everywhere, but not including a fine is a good thing.

“They want money so why would you fine someone because they can’t wear a mask?” he said.

Commissioner Murphey said there was just concern with numbers going up across the state.

“We thought with the summer months that were here the virus might go away, but it seems that it’s not going away, so we are concerned people are getting a little relaxed, and it’s going to get worse than it already is,” said Murphey.

Earlier this year the city of Clarksdale mailed a number of masks to people living in the city. The city is recommending that people make sure they have a mask on when out shopping or in an area where they are in close contact with others.

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