Clarksdale’s African American heritage sites highlighted on new map

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — A new map highlighting African American heritage sites in Clarksdale, Miss. was unveiled Friday. The map contains dozens of points of interest and is free to the public.

Clarksdale historian Brenda Luckett told FOX13 the map took about two months to organize. It’s filled with places and people she knows because she grew up in Clarksdale.

" I was asked to work on the project because I worked on the Civil Rights Museum of North Mississippi in Clarksdale, and my mother and father were active in Civil Rights and participated, and I grew up in the movement,” Luckett said.

You can pick up one of the folding African American Heritage maps at the Visit Clarksdale office at 326 Blues Alley.

There are about thirty different points of interest on the map.

“We had a lot of different places that we could have added, but I am hopeful and grateful that it is a living document and we can add to it online, and we can continue to add to it as different places are highlighted,” Luckett said.

The map highlights Civil Rights sites and Historic African American figures and businesses in town.

“Some of the pictures kind of take me back,” Luckett said. “Some of them I remember, some I wasn’t born yet. The people and locations I remember I have good memories and enjoyed doing the research.”

The information included in the African American Heritage maps is also being included in the kiosks in hotels in Clarksdale.

The maps are completely free, and Visit Clarksdale says they will send them to anyone who requests one.