College hoops is back. Memphis still put in question with Wiseman allegations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — College hoops are upon us, once again. Another year of elite teams looking like world-beaters, teams underwhelming and already counting down to the 2022 football season, and the select few Cinderella teams, that everyone feels personal resonation with. Everyone is already pre-ordering Tigers, Bulldogs, Bears, Wildcats, or even Tree gear, getting the team colors face-paint ready, and shouting to the heavens “this is the year we win it all”.

Memphis still under investigation, from Wiseman allegations

Now Golden State Warrior, James Wiseman, was a Tiger under head coach Penny Hardaway. James Wiseman was a coveted prospect in the 2019 class, it didn’t matter big or small program, every coach was salivating at the chance in getting him to their respective campus. Wiseman decided to commit to Memphis, to a brand-new college coach on the scene. It didn’t take long, but the NCAA ruled Wiseman ineligible, due to the investigation of him receiving compensation for his college destination. Opening night happens, Wiseman is on the Tigers bench, in warm-ups. The school decided to play Wiseman, in the first three games of the 2019-20 season, despite the NCAA ruling.

Memphis became under investigation, by the Complex Case Unit, starting October 2020, lasting until February 2021.

Due to the now-passed NIL laws in the NCAA, in regards to athletes’ can profit off their likeness, the former completed investigation got transferred to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP). A Notice of Allegations was sent to the university office on July 9th, of this year.

The IARP just released a timeline of events, regarding the James Wiseman allegations.

9/3/21 - IARP submitted a response to Memphis’ request for reconsideration

8/31/21 - Complex Case Unit submitted a response to Memphis’ request for reconsideration

8/27/21 - Memphis sent request for reconsideration, regarding compliance with operational procedures

8/20/21 - IARP provided a response regarding compliance with operating procedures to Memphis and the head men’s basketball coach.

8/11/21 - Memphis submitted an extension request

7/29/21 - IARP conducted a meeting with the panel members regarding a response regarding compliance with operating procedures to Memphis and the Complex Case Unit

7/15/21 - The NCAA Vice President of Hearing Operations submitted a letter concerning potential or actual conflicts of interest

7/9/21 - The Complex Case Unit issued an Amended Notice of Allegations

6/21/21 - IARP granted the extension requests to respond to the Notice of Allegations from Memphis and the head men’s basketball coach

5/19/21 - IARP issued a letter to the head men’s basketball coach’s counsel requesting clarification about client representation. On that same day, the head men’s basketball coach’s counsel submitted a response.

4/19/21 - The Complex Case Unit issued a Notice of Allegations

2/19/21 - The Complex Case Unit provided notification of completion of the investigation

10/8/20 - The Complex Case Unit and Memphis submitted a request to amend the case management plan

3/4/20 - The Infractions Referral Committee referred the Memphis infractions case to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process

1/17/20 - The NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions submitted its response to the enforcement staff’s referral request

11/22/19 - NCAA Vice President of Enforcement requested the Infractions Referral Committee refer the Memphis infractions case to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process

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What the allegations mean for Memphis basketball this coming season

The Memphis Tigers are going into the year with lofty expectations of them cutting the nets down in March. Former Orlando Magic legend, Penny Hardaway, is entering his 4th season as the head coach. Memphis has the #1 class in the nation, highlighted by the 5-star and top-5 player in the country Emoni Bates. Bates is a 6′8 forward, who a lot of NBA draft experts compare to a young LeBron James, due to the space-the-floor playmaking, and having the ability to create his shot. The Tigers also were able to acquire 3 players from the transfer portal, all former 4-stars.

As of now, there is no estimate as to when all the hearings will be finished. Memphis isn’t the only program affected by the switch in power, Kansas, Louisville, NC State, LSU, and Arizona also compile the list, with various allegations at ranging severities. Best case scenario for Hardaway and company, all of the players are eligible, and everything is on the fairground. Otherwise, it could lead to a reduction of future scholarships, fines, or even championships being stripped away.

The Independent Accountability Resolution Process contributed to this piece