Collierville High School teachers petitioning to go 100% virtual

WATCH: Collierville High School teachers petitioning to go 100% virtual

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Some Collierville High School teachers are ready to do away with the hybrid model and transition to all virtual, but not everyone agrees.

Mainly, parents.

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“I like the hybrid model. I think that is a good way to go about it right now, especially going into the fall,”  Lori Wolfe, parent.

Wolfe’s daughter is a student at Collierville High. They just moved to the area from Ohio.

“I don’t mind them going back to school. We’re new here, so it helps her make friends,” said Wolfe.

Currently, Collierville High students learn under a hybrid model with some days at school and some at home online, but some teachers are pushing for 100-percent virtual learning.

“You’re really seeing a spectrum of opinions, passion across our school district. There is not one size fits all,” said  Mario Hogue, Collierville Schools Spokesman.

The school board discussed the matter during its meeting. Some teachers advocated for 100-percent virtual, others hybrid. But many parents want 100-percent in-person classes.

“We are making decisions day by day by information given to us daily,” Hogue said.

The district wants students to return, but COVID data is not in their favor.

“I feel like kids should be in school but then it’s easier to spread in school,” Miyon Dinwiddi, sister of a student.