Collierville HS going virtual because of lack of staffing

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Collierville High School will go remote Thursday as a remote learning day for all high school students due to a number of staff members are out because of the coronavirus.

Friday learning was already virtual.

Thanksgiving break is next week, according to the district.

The district said the move to remote learning for Thursday was due to a large number of staff being out because of scheduled requests, seasonal illnesses, active COVID-19 cases and active quarantine numbers.

The administration will continue to monitor staff out due to active cases and quarantine numbers at the high school and will make an evaluation of whether or not to extend remote learning beyond Friday prior to students returning to school on Nov. 30, the school said.

Student instructions:

  • Students will transition to remote learning driven by their current classroom teachers through the district remote learning platforms (Schoology and Microsoft Teams grades 9-12).
  • Learning will continue through the student’s current courses during this remote time, and grades/attendance will be continued until students are cleared to return to the traditional setting.
  • Learning and instruction will be both synchronous (live instruction via video conferencing at a standard time for the course) as well as asynchronous (students will work at their own pace to complete the work).
  • Classroom teachers will also be available for support during school hours.
  • All students will be REQUIRED to log-in Thursday and Friday, per their regular daily schedule (learning is not optional).
  • All before-and-after-school programs are canceled. If exceptions are made, communication will be received directly from the high school administration to the appropriate student/family.
  • All athletic programs participating in away games (not at the school campus) and governed by the TSSAA will continue under the direction of CHS staff. Changes to the athletic programs and facilitation will be managed by the CHS administration in alignment with the TSSAA guidelines.
  • Nutritional services will continue to be provided at Collierville High School.