Collierville Schools approves annual tuition for students who live outside district


Collierville Schools has approved a tuition schedule for all students who live outside of district boundaries.

The Board approved Resolution 2020-08, Amendment #2 General Fund Budget for the 2020-21 school year on Tuesday.

Students who live in Shelby County outside the Collierville school district will be charged an annual tuition, except students of full-time Collierville Schools employees.

According to the Board, non-resident student applications must be approved by the Superintendent.

Out-of-state, non-resident students will not be considered except for the children of full-time employees who had an established residence outside Tennessee as of May 25, 2021.

Any new full-time employees who are hired and/or establish residency outside Tennessee after May 25 will be charged an employee rate tuition, according to the Board.

Students who live in Shelby County but outside of Collierville boundaries will be charged $400 for the 2021-22 school year.

Students who live in Tennessee but outside Shelby County will be charged $4,000.

A tuition cap of $1,000 is in place for any family who lives in Shelby County, regardless of how many children are enrolled.

According to the Board, there is no tuition cap for families who live outside Shelby County.

In order for students outside of Shelby County and/or Collierville School District to enroll in Collierville schools, the district must have space to allow for transfer students which they do not have at the time, according to a Collierville School District spokesperson.