Community activist calls for Memphis crime tip line not associated with police

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It has been almost one month since three Memphis children were killed in senseless drive-by shootings.

Despite the horrendous nature of the crimes, no one has been arrested.

This infuriates a Memphis community activist, who told FOX13’s Winnie Wright, it’s time to change the way tips are reported to police.

“Wake up,” said Stevie Moore, Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives (FFUN). “We’ve got to wake up, Memphis.”

Moore is founder and president of FFUN, a group that combats crime in the city.

He told FOX13 he is outraged that no one has come forward with credible tips about the shootings that left a 6, 10, and 16-year-old dead in two different January drive-bys only hours apart.

“Somebody in that house knows what happened,” Moore said. “Somebody in the family knows what happened. I’m just praying god will put it in their heart to say something about who killed those babies.”

Moore said word got out on the street that if you call Crime Stoppers, your information would end up in affidavits or police may even show up at your house to confirm the details.

While that isn’t true, perception is reality, and Moore said that’s the common belief of many Memphians.

“We don’t talk until it comes through our window,” Moore said. “Then the first thing we say is I know somebody saw something. But you didn’t see anything when someone else’s child got shot.”

In 2014, Moore began a crime tip line to see if people would report information to FFUN, which was for those who didn’t feel comfortable reporting to police.

He said the tips stacked up, credible tips, that he reported to police on their behalf, totally anonymously.

But the funding ran out, so the program dried up.

“I saw 10 boys walking down the street with guns,” he said. “They’re fixing to do such and such. That’s the number we need to call before we have to call the police. If it gets past that, then we call law enforcement.”

Moore said after the murders of those three kids, he’s determined to find a way to renew the tip line.

“I’m going to get some funding from somewhere,” he said. “I believe it. I’m just going out on faith.”

If you’re interested in helping fund FFUN’s tip line, visit their website.

Crime Stoppers is also available for those interested in collecting a reward for information at 528-CASH and it is anonymous.