Community activist fights blight, illegal dumping in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Community activist Patricia Rogers has made it her mission to stamp out illegal dumping, blight, and litter across Memphis.

She created a list of proposals and sent them to Mayor Jim Strickland, and he took notice.

“I was just elated that he took the time to respond to me on every proposal that I presented to him,” Rogers told FOX13.

At the top of Rogers’s list is requiring owners of vacant lots to have fencing or concrete barriers to deter illegal dumping on their property.

“He said that is a great idea, but his legal team would have to make that decision,” said Rogers.

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Another proposal: creating an illegal dumping hotline with a cash reward. It’s something Rogers said the mayor said is already in the works.

“The mayor said they’re trying to figure out how to institute a cash reward, so citizens can call in,” said Rogers.