Community comes together to help mother of 11 who is close to eviction

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A story we aired Monday has blown up after we showed you a mother of 11 in need of help.

The story has drawn positive and negative reactions.

After the story aired about the Whitehaven mother of 11 who was laid off five days before Christmas, our newsroom has been flooded with phone calls and messages from people who wanted to help.

Dozens of people reached out to FOX13 and wanted to help that mother after they saw our story Monday night.

She feared her lights would get cut off and that she would get evicted from her home.

Tuesday, her lights got cut off less than 30 minutes before we spoke with her, but because of your help, she may finally get back on her feet.

Jessica Sumlin called FOX13 this week because she didn’t know where to turn after the mother of 11 was laid off days before Christmas.

Before that, she worked for Taco Bell for 12 years, but had to leave because of her high-risk pregnancy.

“I’ve tried churches, I’ve tried everywhere,” she said. “No help. So now you all was my last resort.”

The owner of Peden Insurance, who did not want to talk on camera, called us to ask how she could help.

She wrote a check to MLGW for $250 so Sumlin can pay her bill.

We gave the check to Sumlin Tuesday.

She has no idea we were about to present her with this check.

Sumlin’s bill was $1,000 and something altogether.

We told her about our phone calls and emails in the newsroom of people who wanted to help her.

“I know I’ve been getting them all day and I would like to thank everybody that helped me, I really needed the help as you can see but I’m fixin' to put this on, and it helps and they cut it back on all I can do is just wish, pray but I really thank Peden Insurance Services, this means a lot,” she said.

Right after we gave Sumlin that check, an anonymous donor called to day she wants to match the cost, so she gave the mother $250 for her MLGW bill.