Community leader to testify about the impact of trauma and truancy on Memphis children

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A community leader who works closely with children coping with traumatic experiences is preparing to testify to the State Board of Education about the impact trauma and truancy are having on our Memphis children. 

This comes on the same week a couple was shot and killed in front of their son on Macon Road Sunday.

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Charlie Caswell is the CEO of Legacy of Legends CDC in Frayser. His program works closely to help children and their families cope with traumatic experiences.

Caswell told FOX13, State Rep. Mark White, the chairman of the House Education Committee, invited Caswell to testify in front of the State Board of Education about the senseless violence leaving children feeling lost and hopeless. 

Caswell says sometimes it can take up to a year for a child to get the resources needed to cope during traumatic experiences after they are evaluated. 

“With the legislation we’re pushing for, within ten days, they will have to be referred to a mental health or a social counselor within that school district and if the LEA, the educational system in the state do not have that capacity, they, within 25 days have to be referred out to a community-based organization that can access that child trauma.”

Caswell will go to Nashville Wednesday to testify.